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Our History

Long term business integrity is what we pride ourselves on.

Peters Commodities

Peters Commodities has over 25 years global experience in the export of premium product from Australia. Our highlights include:

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Adrian Peters opens Peters Commodities Ltd (PCL) in the UK and commenced trading faba beans into the Middle East.

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Michael Oxley opened up Peters Commodities Pty Ltd in Australia to commerce trading pulses out of the region.

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Adrian Peters opens the Egypt office. In the same year, Adrian Peters and John Tourtellotte opened to the China marketplace.

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PCL Australia commenced trading cereal crops after deregulation.

2011 add remove

PCL Australia opened a Queensland office to increase our domestic footprint, Trading activity included chickpeas, sorghum and mung beans.

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PCL Australia opened a South Australian office to increase trading activity in faba beans, broad beans, lentils, peas and pasture seed.

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PCL Australia opened an office in Dubai to service clients in the Middle East, Africa and South America.

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PCL Australia invested in a grading factory in Queensland to increase our presence in chickpeas, mung beans, sorghum and other products in the region.

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PCL Australia open an office in Geneva to reinforce and expand the global presence, particularly in Europe, China and Africa.

Continuity and flexible supply is our key to long term success for our growers and customers

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