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Our Services – Domestic

Offering our growers and customers a vertically integrated supply chain structure from farm to destination port

Peters Commodities Australia

has a dedicated team of on-the-ground procurement traders who source product for domestic and export customers.

The type of customers we service are :

  • domestic feed market;
  • domestic food wholesalers;
  • domestic food manufacturers for human consumption;
  • domestic dairy industry;
  • domestic traders, brokers and exporters.


Our geographical reach for feed and food commodity offers are:

  • Queensland;
  • New South Wales,
  • Victoria and
  • South Australia.


We offer the following services:

  • We indirectly connect you with selected growers;
  • Careful grain selection to customers specifications.
  • Segregation of quality.
  • Up to date market information not limited to local knowledge but internationally through our extensive overseas networks. This can lead to better decision making for our customers.
  • Complete grain management and logistics program from paddock to customers point of delivery.


We offer a variety of trade options as follows:

  • farmer dressed quality, bulk in truck;
  • farmer dressed quality, bulk packing in containers;
  • machine dressed quality, bulk packing in containers;
  • machine dressed quality, bag packing in containers;
  • We offer customers delivery to regional or city centres and delivered to container terminal (DCT).

Specialists In Agri-Commodities

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Armadale. Victoria. Australia.