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Our Services – Grower

Offering our growers and customers a vertically integrated supply chain structure from farm to destination port

Peters Commodities Australia

has a dedicated team of on-the-ground procurement traders who source product for the domestic and export customers.

Peters Commodities prides itself on our reputation in the industry and this starts at grower level. We have an incredibly experienced team who have been in the industry for over 25 years buying and selling grain locally and overseas, managed grain packing sites and are experts in many different products ranging from pulses to cereal crops in their region of production.

The services we offer are:

  • Daily price information and offers;
  • Domestic and overseas market information
  • Grain segregation at specific sites
  • Stock transfers
  • Logistics
  • Grain cleaning at specific sites
  • On farm supplementary markets and feedlots
  • Catering to Dairy Industry needs
  • Ex Farm storage
  • Ex Warehouse
  • Delivered consumer markets
  • Other trade and grower logistic opportunities

What we pride ourselves on:

  • Friendly voice on the other end of the phone;
  • Long term business relationships;
  • Efficient and accurate administration support;
  • Expert opinion;
  • Professional management of transactions;
  • Flexible customer service.

Specialists In Agri-Commodities

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Armadale. Victoria. Australia.